Werbungskosten, Sonderausgaben,
außergewöhnliche Belastung und dazu
noch verschiedene Formulare –
da kann einem schon mal der Kopf

Das Kopfzerbrechen hat jetzt ein Ende.
Entspannen Sie sich,
wir kümmern uns darum.
Das verschiebe ich auf morgen!
Kennen Sie das auch?

Aufschieben hat jetzt ein Ende –
überlassen Sie Ihre Steuererklärung uns!

Lehnen Sie sich zurück,
wir kümmern uns darum!
Nicht bangen!
Hol Dir den
Bangen und Hoffen, dass auch alles
annerkannt wird?
Das müssen Sie jetzt nicht mehr,
denn wir haben über 50 Jahre
Erfahrung und Kompetenz.

Unsere Steuerprofis stehen Ihnen
mit Rat und Tat zur Seite.
Lassen Sie sich jetzt
von uns beraten.
Das verschiebe ich auf morgen!
Kennen Sie das auch?

Aufschieben hat jetzt ein Ende –
überlassen Sie Ihre Steuererklärung uns!
Legen Sie die Füße hoch,
wir kümmern uns darum!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I become a member of LohiBW?

    It's simple:

    Make an appointment with us. Write to us or find a consultation centre near you by entering your postcode.

    Come for your personal consulting appointment and become a member. We will explain our services and advisory powers to you and give you an estimate of your membership fees. In the end, you can decide whether you want to become a member or not.

    You will be able to use all LohiBW services with immediate effect.
    Once you decide to become a member, you can profit from all our services. We will file your tax return and advise you on tax-related matters and answer all questions related to income tax throughout the year without any extra costs.

    Become a member >

  • What is the admission fee?

    We take a one-time admission fee of EUR 16.

  • What is the cost of membership?

    The membership fees depend on social criteria. The membership fees depend on your annual income. Income comprises, for example, all earnings from employment, tax-free employer contributions, pensions, capital gains and wage-replacement benefits.

    The exact membership fee can only be calculated in a consultation centre after understanding the factors that determine the fees.

    Membership fee regulations >

  • Are there concessions for school children, students and trainees?

    Yes, in case of year-round child allowance entitlement, this category of persons has to pay a reduced fee of EUR 31 if the income is not above EUR 12,000. This only applies if at least one of the parents is already a member of the LohiBW.

  • Can I ask you to file my tax returns without becoming a LohiBW member?

    No, LohiBW is permitted to work for members only. This is regulated by law.

  • What are the prerequisites for obtaining membership?

    There are legal stipulations in the advisory powers, which regulate for whom an income tax association can work. Within the context of membership, we can assist employees, retired persons, officials and maintenance recipients in matters related to income tax:

    • if income only from employment, recurring payments (e.g., benefits and pensions) or maintenance benefits
    • and/or income pursuant to § 3 No. 12, No. 26 and No. 26a of the Income Tax Act (EStG) (trainers, volunteers), if it is fully tax-free,
    • and/or income from capital (e.g., interests), income from rent and leasing or income from private sales transactions (e.g., the so-called speculative transactions) is received and the income/earning from these three income types does not exceed EUR 18,000 for single persons and EUR 36,000 for spouses.
  • What is the duration of membership?

    You can determine the duration of membership yourself. You can cancel your membership any time. The notice period for the next year is 30th September of the current year.

  • Do I need to cancel my membership if I don’t have to or do not wish to submit income tax returns?


    No, you can continue to be a member and support the association by doing so.

    If you decide to cancel your membership, you need to inform us in writing. Please ensure that you provide due notice when cancelling your membership. This is effective only if the notification of cancellation is sent to us in writing by 30th September of a year. If a member joins after 30th September, the notice can be submitted by 31st December of the year of joining.

  • Would the processing of tax returns or any other service cost extra?

    No, because the membership fee covers all services of the association. For more information about membership fees, read our membership fee regulations.

    Membership fee regulations >

  • Will I get all the necessary forms and pre-printed forms from you or at the tax office?

    We prepare all income tax returns using the ELSTER method, i.e., without any official forms. If required, we can surely give you pre-printed forms for your employer (e.g., travel expenses, external activity).

  • How long will it take to get back money from the tax office?

    This varies greatly from region to region and unfortunately does not have a uniform answer. It depends on how busy the tax office is and whether the tax return is submitted to the tax office with all documents and clarifications or not. At our consultation centres, we work with a software, which enables the submission of tax returns via ELSTER (ELektronische STeuerERklärung - electronic tax returns). Empirically it is seen that this has resulted in quicker processing by the tax office.

  • Can I send you my documents via e-mail as well?

    Yes, this is possible. But it is not secure! When data is sent via email, it is unencrypted. 

    Data protection is very important to us. Our member portal is a free alternative for exchanging your data and documents with the consultation centre in an encrypted manner. 

  • I just have one more question. Can I use the member portal to contact LohiBW without being a member?

    We are allowed to work for members only.

Your direct contact with LohiBW

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